R-Zentric Aerokit for BMW iX Family by RevoZport

R-Zentric Aerokit for BMW iX Family by RevoZport

R-Zentric Aerokit for BMW iX Series by RevoZport

Unleash the full potential of your BMW iX series with the R-Zentric Aerokit from RevoZport.
RevoZport, a renowned name in the automotive modification industry, has launched its latest creation under the “R-Zentric” brand; a truly exquisite and sporty aerokit designed specifically for the BMW iX, iX3, and iX1 models.

The aerokit enhances both the class and sporty appeal of these BMW models, accentuating their compelling features while adding unique elements to give your car a distinct, aggressive look.Features:

Aerodynamic Enhancement: The aerokit features a comprehensive package of aerodynamic enhancements, including a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and spoiler. These components are not merely aesthetic; they are designed to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance, reducing drag and increasing downforce for better stability at high speeds.

High-Quality Material: Crafted from lightweight and durable carbon fibre, the R-Zentric Aerokit is designed to withstand the rigours of both daily driving and track use. The high-end material not only adds a stylish carbon weave finish but also ensures a long-lasting product that maintains its appearance and performance over time.

Custom Fit: The aerokit is tailor-made for the BMW iX series, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with the vehicle’s design. Each component accentuates the bold and dynamic lines of the BMW iX, iX3, and iX1 models, enhancing their natural elegance and sportiness.

Improved Performance: The R-Zentric Aerokit does more than just enhance your BMW’s appearance. By improving aerodynamics and reducing weight, it can also contribute to improved handling and potentially even fuel efficiency.

Easy Installation: The aerokit is designed for easy installation, allowing you to transform your BMW into a unique masterpiece without extensive modification. All necessary mounting hardware is included, and the components are designed to fit the existing mounting points on your vehicle.

Style and Class: With its aggressive styling and quality materials, the R-Zentric Aerokit sets your BMW apart from the crowd. Whether you’re on the open road or parked in the driveway, your BMW will exude a level of class and sportiness that is sure to turn heads.

Transform your BMW iX, iX3 or iX1 into a sporty, classy, and unique masterpiece with the new R-Zentric Aerokit from RevoZport. Experience the perfect blend of form and function, and make a striking statement wherever you go.


RevoZport invest in China EV Market

RevoZport Announce US$2 Million Investment to Tap into Chinese EV Market

RevoZport, a pioneer in tuning electric vehicles (EVs), has announced a significant $2 million investment plan to tap into the burgeoning EV market in China. The company aims to develop no fewer than 30 aerokit stylings for leading EV brands in China by 2025.

Earlier this year, RevoZport launched its upgrade kit for the latest EV models, including the Model S and X Plaid, Model Y, Lucid Air, and even the Lotus Electre+. Each of these kits showcases RevoZport’s commitment to high-quality, custom products that enhance both the aesthetics and performance of electric vehicles.

In 2019, RevoZport further demonstrated its expertise in the EV sector by sponsoring a one-make race in Tianjin. This event featured 20 Nio ES8 vehicles, each equipped with custom race kits and forged wheels. These were meticulously designed and engineered by RevoZport’s design studio in London and manufactured by its China-based factory.

The company’s latest investment comes as a response to the significant increase in EV registrations within the Chinese market. The initiative is projected to boost the company’s sales by an impressive 30%.

The brands currently under development include Nio, Li Auto, and XPeng, all of which are gaining substantial traction in the Chinese EV market.

“Our investment into the Chinese EV market is a strategic move to leverage the growing popularity and demand for electric vehicles in the country,” said a spokesperson for RevoZport. “By developing bespoke aerokit stylings for the most popular EV brands, we aim to offer unique and high-quality products that enhance both aesthetics and performance.”

The $2 million investment will enable the creation of unique aerokits designed to enhance the aerodynamics of the vehicles, thereby improving their performance and efficiency. This forward-thinking step aligns with the global shift towards electric mobility.

This new venture is expected to solidify RevoZport’s position in the automotive aftermarket industry and could potentially create new jobs and opportunities within the company.

“The Chinese EV market holds immense potential,” added the RevoZport spokesperson. “We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to offering our high-quality products to a wider consumer base.”

RevoZport’s move to invest in the Chinese EV market underscores the rapid growth and potential of the electric vehicle sector. It also highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence, as it continues to offer high-quality, cutting-edge products to its customers.

R-Zentric Xpeng P7 by RevoZport

R-Zentric, RevoZport’s dedicated EV design brand, is making a significant stride into the Chinese EV market with a commitment to work on Xpeng models. Known for enhancing aesthetics and performance with their high-quality, precision-engineered aerokits, R-Zentric is not only set to revolutionize Xpeng vehicles but is also determined to launch more Xpeng models in the coming months. This move marks an exciting chapter in R-Zentric’s pursuit of excellence in EV design.

R-Zentric,RevoZport 的专门电动汽车设计品牌,正积极进军中国电动汽车市场,承诺将为小鹏汽车提供设计支持。 R-Zentric 以其高质量、精密工程的空气动力学套件,提升汽车美观性和性能而闻名。R-Zentric 不仅决定改造小鹏汽车,还决定在未来几个月推出更多的小鹏型号。此举标志着 R-Zentric 在电动汽车设计领域追求卓越的新篇章

R-Zentric X Peng P7

R-Zentric 22″ Forged Aluminum Wheels

Experience the ultimate customization with RevoZport’s 22″ Forged Aluminum wheels, a made-to-order product tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s the size, color, or other specifications, these wheels are customized to your preferences, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle.

The L9 22″ forged wheel is a testament to RevoZport’s commitment to precision and quality. Specifically designed to align seamlessly with RevoZport’s R-Zentric aerokit, these wheels enhance the aesthetic appeal and performance of your vehicle.

One of the standout features of these wheels is the anti-spinner center cap. This ensures that the RevoZport logo remains upright at all times, adding a distinctive touch to your car’s appearance. Customize your ride with RevoZport’s 22″ Forged Aluminum wheels – a perfect combination of style, performance, and personalization.

R-Zentric L9 22” Forged Wheel