R-Zentric, RevoZport’s dedicated EV design brand, is making a significant stride into the Chinese EV market with a commitment to work on Xpeng models. Known for enhancing aesthetics and performance with their high-quality, precision-engineered aerokits, R-Zentric is not only set to revolutionize Xpeng vehicles but is also determined to launch more Xpeng models in the coming months. This move marks an exciting chapter in R-Zentric’s pursuit of excellence in EV design.

R-Zentric,RevoZport 的专门电动汽车设计品牌,正积极进军中国电动汽车市场,承诺将为小鹏汽车提供设计支持。 R-Zentric 以其高质量、精密工程的空气动力学套件,提升汽车美观性和性能而闻名。R-Zentric 不仅决定改造小鹏汽车,还决定在未来几个月推出更多的小鹏型号。此举标志着 R-Zentric 在电动汽车设计领域追求卓越的新篇章

R-Zentric X Peng P7